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Swiss real estate transaction standard

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Generic Areas

All <characteristics> that start with <area***> but not <areaSia***> are listed here to clarify what areas can be specified outside of the SIA standard. These areas are of a more novice nature and are designed to give meaning to areas for end-customers. These are not necessarily objective and can be subjective in nature. They are more informative than fact, so that future buyers and renters can more easily visualize what areas are involved within the offer.


key description
areaBwf Living area in m², this is the more typically used and includes areas such as stairs or hallways.
areaNwf Net living area in m², sometimes referred to as the minimum area that could be represented as “livable space”.
areaPropertyLand Property land area in m².
areaCellar Space allocated in cellar included within the offer. (>= v2.2.0)
areaBalcony If there is a balcony (non ground floor outside area) this field would specify the m². (>= v2.2.0)
areaTerrace Usually ground floor outside seating area. (>= v2.2.0)
areaLoggia Usually refers to a covered not necessarily heated area with fresh air, but not opened up to the outside. (>= v2.2.0)
areaGarden Area dedicated to growing plants or a garden. To differentiate from something like a Terrace. (>= v2.2.0)


key fr en de it
areaBwf Surface habitable brute Living area Bruttowohnfläche Superficie abitabile lorda
areaNwf Surface habitable nette Net living area Nettowohnfläche Superficie abitabile netta
areaPropertyLand Surface terrain Property land area Grundstückfläche Superficie del terreno
areaCellar Surface cave Cellar space Kellerfläche Superfice cantina
areaBalcony Surface balcon Balcony space Balkonfläche Superfice balcone
areaTerrace Surface terrasse Terrace space Terrassenfläche Superficie terrazza
areaLoggia Surface loggia Loggia space Loggiafläche Superfice loggia / veranda
areaGarden Surface jardin Garden space Gartenfläche Superfice giardino


We will try to collect any references to these areas when possible, to make things a bit more clear. But because of the subjective nature for some of these area-definitions we advice you to not interpret this as the ultimate resource for defining them as such.