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A swiss real estate transaction standard

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Utilizations are the main groups of properties. They’re considered as the super-groups categories.


key description
agricultural Can be used for farming, growing crops and related.
commercial Can be used to run a business or a company that provides a service.
construction Is related to construction, this includes
gastronomy Related to cooking, eating and drinking.
industrial Suited for factories and companies, related to industries.
investment Suitable for investing money for profit.
parking Places or areas where vehicles (also boats) can be parked.
residential Suitable for people living there.
storage Places used to store something for future use.
vacation Suitable for short term residential situations.

Example translations

key fr en de it
agricultural Agriculture Agricultural Landwirtschafts betrieb Agricoltura
commercial Commerce Commercial Gewerbe Commerciale
construction Construction Construction Bauen Costruzione
gastronomy Gastronomie Gastronomy Gastronomie Esercizio di ristorazione
industrial Industrie Industrial Industrie Industriale
investment Investissement Investment Investitionsobjekt Investment
parking Parking Parking Parkplatz Parcheggio
residential Résidence Residential Wohnen Residenziale
storage Entrepôt Storage Lager Conservazione
vacation Vacances Vacation Ferien Vacanza