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simpleType availability

Super Types
{}availability (restriction)

Lifecycle state of properties.
active - Enabled and open for inquiries
private - Same as active, but for a private audience, like behind a login
reference - Testimonial or reference of a transaction in the past, to showcase work
reserved - Same as active, but someone reserved it and it's not taken yet
taken - Offer has ben sold or rented out
This component is not nillable.


('active' | 'private' | 'reference' | 'reserved' | 'taken')

<xs:simpleType name="availability">
<xs:restriction base="xs:string">
<xs:enumeration value="active">
<xs:enumeration value="private">
<xs:enumeration value="reference">
<xs:enumeration value="reserved">
<xs:enumeration value="taken">

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