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Swiss real estate transaction standard

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The cold facts, to represent the property or offer. These tend to be dictated by the chosen utilization and to some extent the categories as well. Based on the provided utilizations certain characteristics only are applicable accordingly.

Every characteristic has a implicit SI-unit such as or Kg associated to it, unless it represents a simple count, at which point it does not have a unit.

Descriptions for characteristics are in the xsd documentation.

Type applicable

Applicable can have three states, unknown must be treated as default.

state meaning
applies The characteristic applies, is present or is available.
does-not-apply The characteristic does explicitly not apply, like “no balcony” is hasBalcony=does-not-apply.
unknown default There is no information about the characteristic.

All characteristics

key description type
areaBwf Living area in m² positiveDecimal
areaNwf Net livin area in m² positiveDecimal
areaPropertyLand Property land area in m² positiveDecimal
areaSiaAff SIA-AFF area in m² positiveDecimal
areaSiaAgf SIA-AGF area in m² positiveDecimal
areaSiaAkf SIA-AKF area in m² positiveDecimal
areaSiaAkfn SIA-AKFN area in m² positiveDecimal
areaSiaAkft SIA-AKFT area in m² positiveDecimal
areaSiaAnf SIA-ANF area in m² positiveDecimal
areaSiaAngf SIA-ANGF area in m² positiveDecimal
areaSiaAvf SIA-AVF area in m² positiveDecimal
areaSiaBuf SIA-BUF area in m² positiveDecimal
areaSiaFf SIA-FF area in m² positiveDecimal
areaSiaGf SIA-GF area in m² positiveDecimal
areaSiaGgf SIA-GGF area in m² positiveDecimal
areaSiaGsf SIA-GSF area in m² positiveDecimal
areaSiaHnf SIA-HNF area in m² positiveDecimal
areaSiaKf SIA-KF area in m² positiveDecimal
areaSiaKfn SIA-KFN area in m² positiveDecimal
areaSiaKft SIA-KFT area in m² positiveDecimal
areaSiaNf SIA-NF area in m² positiveDecimal
areaSiaNgf SIA-NGF area in m² positiveDecimal
areaSiaNnf SIA-NNF area in m² positiveDecimal
areaSiaUf SIA-UF area in m² positiveDecimal
areaSiaUuf SIA-UUF area in m² positiveDecimal
areaSiaVf SIA-VF area in m² positiveDecimal
arePetsAllowed Pets are allowed or not tolerated. applicable
ceilingHeight Height of the rooms in m. positiveDecimal
craneCapacity Carrying capacity for crane in kg. positiveDecimal
elevatorLoad Maximum elevator load in kg. positiveDecimal
floor Floor number, ground floor is 0, basement floors are negative. integer
floorLoad Maximum floor load in kg/m² positiveDecimal
grossPremium A gross premium is the total premium of an insurance contract before brokerage or percent discounts have been deducted, in percent.
hallHeight Hall height in m, usually for commercial properties. positiveDecimal
hasAttic Has an attic. applicable
hasBalcony Balcony available. applicable
hasBuildingLawRestrictions Restrictions for modifications apply, like monument protection and similar. applicable
hasCableTv Availability of cable tv. applicable
hasCarPort A covered structure used to offer limited protection from rain and snow, for one car. applicable
hasCarPortDouble A covered structure used to offer limited protection from rain and snow, for two cars. applicable
hasCellar Availability of a cellar. applicable
hasChargingStation Whether or not a charging station for e-Cars is provided. applicable
hasConnectedBuildingLand States if the land is fully developed and ready being built on it. applicable
hasDemolitionProperty Used for building land, states if there is some demolition property on it (or pieces of it). applicable
hasDishwasher Availability of a dishwasher. applicable
hasElevator Availability of an elevator. applicable
hasFireplace Includes a framed opening to hold an open fire, indoors. applicable
hasFlatSharingCommunity Whether or not there is a residential community, sharing the living space. applicable
hasForeignQuota Widely used to control the amount of foreigners buying holiday flats in popular regions. applicable
hasGarage A shelter for one car. applicable
hasGarageDouble A shelter for two cars. applicable
hasGarageUnderground Subterranean garage for cars. applicable
hasGardenShed A small building for storing garden tools, bicycles, and other equipment. applicable
hasLakeView Direct visibility of a lake. applicable
hasLiftingPlatform Provides vertical transportation between building floors, levels or decks, and are commonly found in offices, public buildings and other types of multi-story accommodation. applicable
hasMountainView Direct visibility of mountains. applicable
hasNiceView Has a lovely view, usually from the balcony or the living room. applicable
hasParking An uncovered space for one car or more cars. applicable
hasPhotovoltaic Whether or not a photovoltaic system is provided. applicable
hasPlayground Has a playground for children nearby. applicable
hasRamp A sloping floor, walk, or roadway leading from one level to another, usually to make a place accessible for wheels. applicable
hasSteamer Has a steamer. applicable
hasStoreRoom Storeroom, stowage room. applicable
hasSupplyGas Availability of a gas connection, usually for heating and cooking. applicable
hasSupplyPower A connection to the public electric grid. applicable
hasSupplySewage A connection to the public waste water system. applicable
hasSupplyWater A connection to the public water supply. applicable
hasSwimmingPool Personal swimming pool. applicable
hasThermalSolarCollector Whether or not a thermal solar collector system is provided. applicable
hasTiledStove A masonry heater or ceramic stove, is a device for warming an interior space usually fed with wood. applicable
hasTumbleDryer Dryer for clothes after washing them. applicable
hasWashingMachine For washing clothes and other cloth. applicable
hasRemoteViewings Indicates that prospects can visit the property virtually (e.g. with a video-call or guided virtual-tour hosted by the real estate agent). applicable
isChildFriendly Suitable for families. applicable
isCornerHouse A house situated on the corner of two streets. applicable
isDemolitionProperty If it’s a tear-down property or a site of demolished structures. applicable
isDilapidated Old and in poor condition, in a state of decay. applicable
isFirstOccupancy No one used the flat or the building before, since it was built or heavily renovated from ground up. applicable
isGroundFloor Nearly on a level with the ground. applicable
isGroundFloorRaised Half of a stair elevated story, in a building. applicable
isGutted Preparation for demolition or a part-demolition, all contaminants, doors, windows, floors and non-loadbearing walls were removed. applicable
isInNeedOfRenovation Needs to be renewed in order to be fully usable again. applicable
isInNeedOfRenovationPartially Needs to be renewed partially in order to be fully usable again. applicable
isLikeNew Used, but as good as new. applicable
isMiddleHouse Situated between two other houses or buildings. applicable
isModernized Modernized means improved, thins like a better insulated roof and walls, modern heating system and similar improvements. applicable
isNewConstruction Newly built house or building. applicable
isOldBuilding Refers to the construction method used until 60-80 years ago. applicable
isProjection Planned for the future. applicable
isQuiet Part of a quiet surrounding or neighbourhood. applicable
isRefurbished Fully renovated, neat, clean and restored. applicable
isRefurbishedPartially Partially renovated or restored. applicable
isSecondaryResidenceAllowed Where a person lives part time or less than the majority of the calendar year, typically a holiday flat, some laws and landlords do not allow this. applicable
isShellConstruction Intentionally missing interior finish in order to allow customization. applicable
isSmokingAllowed Smoking allowed inside. applicable
isSunny Sunny surroundings, nor trees, mountains or other buildings do shadow. applicable
isUnderRoof Mainly used for parking slots. applicable
isWellTended Properly looked after. applicable
isWheelchairAccessible All aspects are accessible for wheelchair users. applicable
numberOfApartements Number of apartments contained. positiveInteger
numberOfBathrooms Number of bathrooms. positiveInteger
numberOfFloors Total amount of floors. positiveInteger
numberOfParcels Number of parcels. positiveInteger
numberOfRooms Total number of rooms. positiveDecimal
numberOfShowers The number of showers positiveInteger
numberOfToilets The number of toilets positiveInteger
numberOfToiletsGuest The number of guest and additional toilets positiveInteger
onEvenGround Built on even grounds. applicable
onHillside Built on a sloping hillside. applicable
onHillsideSouth Built on a sloping hillside towards the south. applicable
utilizationRatio Plot area built on, the ratio between plot area and gross floor area. utilizationRatio
utilizationRatioConstruction Plot area to be built on, the ratio between plot area and gross floor utilizationRatioarea.
volumeGva Building volume in m³ positiveDecimal
volumeSia Volume SIA in m³ positiveDecimal
volumeSiaAfv Volume SIA-AFV in m³ positiveDecimal
volumeSiaAkv Volume SIA-AKV in m³ positiveDecimal
volumeSiaAngv Volume SIA-ANGV in m³ positiveDecimal
volumeSiaAnv Volume SIA-ANV in m³ positiveDecimal
volumeSiaAvv Volume SIA-AVV in m³ positiveDecimal
volumeSiaGv Volume SIA-GV in m³ positiveDecimal
yearBuilt Year of construction, in four digits. year
yearLastRenovated Year of last renovation, in four digits. year