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Element Summary


Complex Type Summary
addressPostal address. 
address.countryCodeUppercase two letter country code. 
address.geoGeo coordinates and elevation 
attachmentDocumentGeneric non-specific document. 
attachmentImagePicture from inside or outside, typically used in image galleries. 
attachmentLinkLocalized link attachemnt for properties. 
attachmentLogoRelated logo image. 
characteristicsThe cold facts, to represent the property or offer. 
exportTypeRoot node. 
exportType.generatorThe software name and version, that generated the export. 
exportType.projectsSequence of new building projects, the order of properties defines their importance, if any. 
exportType.projects.projectBuilding project container. 
exportType.projects.project.availabilityMutually exclusive liveycle state. 
exportType.projects.project.characteristicsCharacteristics and ranges relevant to entire project. 
exportType.projects.project.constructionStatusConstruction status of project. 
exportType.projects.project.localizationsSequence of all language specific content and texts. 
exportType.projects.project.localizations.localizationOne for each language, a set of language specific content and texts. 
exportType.projects.project.localizations.localization.attachmentsSequence links, files, embeds and media. 
exportType.projects.project.pricesPrice ranges for marketing purposes. 
exportType.projects.project.prices.buyOne time buy prices. 
exportType.projects.project.prices.rentRecurring rental price. 
exportType.projects.project.sellerThe owner or the owners substitute (for example a broker). 
exportType.projects.project.unitsList of units. 
exportType.projects.project.units.unitA set of properties 
exportType.projects.project.units.unit.characteristicsCharacteristics and ranges relevant to unit. 
exportType.projects.project.units.unit.localizationsSequence of all language specific content and texts. 
exportType.projects.project.units.unit.localizations.localizationOne for each language, a set of language specific content and texts. 
exportType.propertiesCollection of properties, the order of properties defines their importance, if any. container for buildings, houses, flats and all other possible objects. exclusive lifecycle state. statistical office specific information. of ordered categories (main first). development state of the property. main heating system. the heating system distributes and maintains temperature. used to create heat. of all language specific content and texts. for each language, a set of language specific content and texts. links, files, embeds and media. of events events, typically for visiting the property. label for new and refurbished low-energy-consumption buildings. of publisher custom fields publisher by the custom fields of publisher specific custom fields key-value pair, or generic data field, used for non-standardized data transaction, between two entities. owner or the owners substitute (for example a broker). rent or buy. sequence for the intended utilization of the property, main comes first. 
organization.websiteSellers URL, typically the company website. 
personPersonal information about people. 
pricesSell, rent, deposit and auction prices. 
prices.additionalOffersList of extras. 
prices.additionalOffers.offerAn extra which causes additional costs. 
prices.auctionStarting price for an auction. 
prices.buyOne time buy prices. 
prices.depositRequired amount of deposit. 
prices.rentRecurring rental price. 


Simple Type Summary
applicableApplicable can have three states, unknown must be treated as default. 
availabilityLifecycle state of properties. 
categoriesThe distinct object type name or object built type. 
emailaddressVery loose email like strings, validation basically just checks, if there is an @ sign and a dot after that. 
languageCodeLowercase, two letter representation of a language. 
mimeTypeA MIME type consists of a type and a subtype — two strings separated by / no whitespace is allowed. 
percentThe percent type specifies a percentage from 0 to 100. 
phoneNumberStrings of at least three digits, may start with a plus sign and can have single spaces between digits, leading and trailing whitespace are not allowed. 
positiveDecimalThe positive decimal type specifies a decimal from 0 and above 
priceIntervalThe payment interval, the price stands for. 
priceReferringFor what area the price stands for. 
utilizationThe intended usage, considered as the superset of the categories. 
utilizationRatioRatio between 0 and 1 inclusive, like how much of the land is allowed to be built on 
yearFour digit representation of a year. 

Schema Description


By default, local element declarations belong to this schema's target namespace.

By default, local attribute declarations have no namespace.

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